Epiq, Founder/CEO of Triune Music Collective, was born into a household already rooted in faith. He was taught, early in life, how to move according to love and truth.

Unfortunately, as a youth, his own choices provided Epiq with opportunities to pursue a life that went against everything he was taught. Bad decisions and bad results left him in bad situations where the only way out was to fight, no matter the cost. It was here, at his lowest, that Epiq's REAL fight began.

The fight to regain his balance, his peace and ultimately.... his life.

Now, with the story of his fight yet to be concluded,  Epiq embarks on a journey to revolutionize the world of music, creating a sound that has never been heard before. Whether it's producing cutting edge beats or writing inspired lyrics, his focus remains the same.. creating real music, laced with real truth to deal with real life. 

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